Jansport Mini Outdoor Backpack is a new product from Jansports that is aimed at backpackers.

It features a waterproof back pack with pockets, a small mesh backpack pocket for storing water bottles and other small items, and a mesh mesh pocket for your phone.

The backpacks can be worn as a backpack, on its own, or as a sleeping bag.

Jansport is known for their minimalist designs.

The brand has also made a number of other products, including its own hiking boots and its own sleeping bags.

The JansPort Mini Outdoor backpacks will be available starting on August 3, 2018.

The Janspack Mini Outdoor has a design similar to the JansPack Classic Outdoor Backpacks, which have been discontinued.

The new model has a mesh backpack pocket that holds water bottles, a mesh pocket on the back, and an optional mesh pocket to store other items.

This product is a great option for those who want a more minimalist backpack that can be used in their daily life, rather than as a camping or outdoor backpack.

Janossports will also be offering a number more camping backpack and backpacking accessories, including a backpack bag for those on a budget and a full length tent tent that can hold up to four people.

The brand also has a collection of hiking boots.

These are designed for the outdoors and feature a padded, removable sole for easy maneuvering.

The boots come with a removable canvas footbed and an integrated nylon sole.

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