By Tom HuddlestonThe adidas ‘Survivor’ backpack is the latest in a long line of minimalist bags that have been launched by the German-based company.

Advertisers love its minimalist design and have been touting the backpack as an ‘ultimate travel backpack’ since its introduction last year.

The new bag is set to launch in mid-2018, with a price tag of €7,000 (£5,800) and a release window of January 2019.

The ‘Survive’ backpack features a streamlined design, with no zippers, and is designed to be used in a variety of ways, from camping to exploring.

It’s designed to provide a backpack that’s both comfortable and stylish, with features such as a breathable lining, a pocket clip, and a pocket for phone, keys and a watch.

The backpack is packed with featuresAdidas has said that its backpack is designed for a range of purposes, including:A backpack is an excellent place to keep a few essentials for a night out in the mountains or the sea.

It also provides a great place to store and carry a small device such as your phone, a wallet or a tablet.

It can also be used as a sleeping bag or as a quick-and-dirty way to get to a place without having to pack a lot.

While the ‘Surviver’ backpack doesn’t offer as many options as the ‘Adventure’ backpack, it’s still a great choice for those who don’t want to pack too much.

The ‘Survivation’ backpack offers plenty of pockets, a great back pocket and a shoulder strap for added stability.

The shoulder strap on the ‘Adidas’ backpack has a stretchy nylon fabric, which means it won’t slip out of your hands.

The strap can be used to secure your device and to hold it in place while walking, cycling or swimming.

The back of the backpack features Velcro closures, which can be attached to your clothing, or the backpack itself.

The straps are reversible, meaning they can be removed and re-attached to the back, as well as being used for carrying your phone and other essentials.

The bottom of the bag is lined with two pockets, with Velcro to the side to attach to a bag or to your clothes.

The pockets can also hold your phone or a wallet, or are used to hold your watch, keys or other items.

The back of this backpack has the same features as the front, with velcro closure to secure the top.

The straps of the ‘survival’ bag are adjustable for length, which makes them a great way to add a bit of extra stability.

When attached to the backpack, the straps are adjustable from 0 to 10 inches, so it’s a great option for someone who doesn’t want the ability to adjust the straps.

The strap can also attach to your shoes, and the backpack comes with a strap hook, which attaches to the strap in the front.

You can adjust the height of the straps in the backpack using the strap hook.

This backpack comes in three different colourways, and all have a similar design to the original ‘Survivity’ backpack.

The grey colourway is set for release in late 2019.

Adidas also revealed that the ‘Rally’ backpack will be a release in mid 2018, with the black and white version to follow later on.

The Rally backpack features two straps, a shoulder buckle and a Velcro closure.

This backpack is set up to be carried for a long time and will last for several days, and will include a water bottle, phone, key and a wallet.

The backpack also features a zip-lock bag, with an internal pocket for your phone.

The rear of the Rally backpack has two pockets.

The top has a velcro buckle and the bottom has a Velocrimer clip.

It has a pocket on the back for your keys and wallet, and also has a zip lock bag.

The interior of the main body of the back of a backpack.

Adidas also confirmed that it will be available in three colours: grey, black and red.

The black colourway will be released in late 2018, and red will be made available in early 2019.

This is the backpack with the Velcro straps attached to it.

The Velcro strap for the backpack’s back.

The rear of this main body is the same as the main back of its predecessor, the ‘Aero’.

This is also the backpack that will be included with the Rally pack, and which is also set to be available with the ‘Resilience’ pack.

The main body section of the new ‘Resolu’ backpack that features the Veloclimber clip.

The new backpack is a versatile bag that can be carried on your back, in your bag, on a backpack, or as an extra-long backpack.

It is made from a combination of lightweight materials, and it’s designed for long-term use.

The design of the

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