The House Republican leadership is trying to prevent the government from allowing backpack sales during the winter holiday season.

The legislation is designed to prevent people from selling off their belongings during the holiday season, which includes the annual sale of gear and supplies to students, teachers, and other students who are attending summer schools.

The House passed the bill by a vote of 217-203 late Monday evening.

The bill, which is scheduled for a vote in the Senate on Tuesday, would not have an impact on federal spending on programs like food stamps and Medicaid.

But Republican lawmakers are already trying to block the bill from becoming law, arguing that the government should not be allowing backpackers to sell their possessions during the holidays.

Democrats in the House, however, are arguing that this is the wrong move, saying it is too dangerous.

The bill would give backpackers a second chance to make their purchases during the festive season, the Democrats say.

They say the backpackers who sell off their gear could go on a “bargain spree” during the period of low prices.

This is not the time to do this, they argue.

The measure has received mixed responses from Republicans, who say the bill is necessary to prevent a “gaggle of thieves” from selling their gear and goods during the season.

Democrats have said the bill would do nothing to stop “baggage” and “possessions” from being stolen, but they have said that the federal government should stop the backpack sale.

“We need to prevent this from happening,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Monday.

“This is something we should do in the fall, not during the spring, summer or fall.”

He said the government could use this time to reduce federal spending and reduce the amount of federal spending that is spent on programs.

The backpack sale ban would also prevent students from using the federal voucher program that allows students to use school computers, phones, and internet access during the academic year.

The voucher program has been a hot topic in recent weeks, with some lawmakers criticizing President Donald Trump for not providing enough money to help schools that have fallen behind in computers.

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