On a warm, sunny summer day in October, the tiny cat bubble backpack was tucked into a small, fluffy bag by the side of the road in a rural area in Quebec.

It was a perfect size for a cat’s belly.

The cat backpack was made by a company called Kate Spade.

In an interview with CBC News, founder, owner and CEO of Kate, Kate Spade, said that she’s often asked by her customers how to choose a backpack for a new cat, especially one that’s going to be used for years.

“We have a cat on our website who has been through a lot of trials, but he loves the cat bag and we’re happy to put him in one,” she said.

Kate Spades cat backpack, photo taken by her.

Kate was inspired by a cat that was rescued from a dumpster in Canada.

A cat who was brought into captivity was so sick that he could barely eat and was so skinny that he would only eat grass.

His paws were so big that he couldn’t even reach his paws with his claws.

His ears were so tiny that they couldn’t be seen through the fur of his paws.

And he was so big and so sick, that when you first walked into the cage he would have a huge belly and a large head.

Kate’s cat had a tiny brain and was in severe pain, so she decided to find a solution.

She thought she would make a cute little backpack to keep the cat warm.

Kate said she wanted to make a backpack that was both practical and functional for a young cat that’s never been outside.

So she set out to make her own cat bag.

“I didn’t really know how to make bags for cats until I went to a local animal shelter, where I found out that cats don’t have very many places to lay their heads,” she explained.

“And so, I thought, why not make a little backpack that will be a good place for a baby cat?”

The kitty-friendly backpack The backpack came in a couple of different sizes, but all of them were made with the same basic design, and all of the design elements were based on the idea of a baby.

The bag has a built-in screen that allows you to see the interior of the bag, but you can’t really see the inside of it.

It has a little door that can be opened by holding down the little button on the back, and you can see the contents of the cat’s stomach.

But that’s it.

The backpack is completely functional and comfortable.

The only thing that the backpack has going for it is its cute name.

It’s the first cat bag to have a kitty name.

When Kate started designing her cat bag, she had the idea to call it the KATE cat bag because it was based on her cat, and it was named after her.

She wanted to have her cat name, Kate said, and the cat has already been nicknamed KATE, because she has a very cute name, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

The kitten-friendly kitty backpack, made by Kate.

The kitten-friendly cat bag was created by using the kitty as a model and the kitten as a reference point.

KATE created the kitten backpack as a way of showing the cat that cats like a little bit of freedom.

“When you see cats, you’ll notice that they will open their mouths, but they don’t open their eyes, they don

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