The Husqvarna Baby Carrier is the brand’s first new baby carrier in a while.

The new backpack is available for $400 on Amazon.

The baby carrier comes with a front-loading design that can hold up to six people, and has a design that’s reminiscent of the now-defunct, yeti backpack.

The bag features a mesh-lined, breathable fabric, a back pocket for your keys, and a top handle to carry your baby in.

While the new backpack looks more like a toddler’s backpack, we’re sure this new design will appeal to many parents.

The backpack itself is a pretty sleek piece of gear.

The rear pocket holds a smartphone, a smartphone charger, and other accessories, and there are a bunch of Velcro straps that keep the backpack secure while in use.

The side straps also hold up your baby, which is great if you need to hold your baby while you travel, or if you’re carrying them on a trip to work.

The back pocket has a mesh closure, which helps keep the bag closed while the baby is inside.

The new backpack comes in two colors, a white and a dark brown.

Both of these new baby carriers are available for just $400, which gives you a little more bang for your buck.

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