Calvin Klein is offering backpackers some very stylish new clothing items for the fall season, but they may not be all they need.

The American outdoor clothing company, which has been struggling to break into the US, has announced new outdoor clothing options for backpackers, including a new backpack that’s designed to hold a one-way bag.

The new bag is called the Calvin Klein Backpack and it is designed to be used with a one strap backpack.

It features a full zipper on the front, a full zippered pocket on the side, and a zippable shoulder strap.

You can also fold the backpack into a compact sleeping bag if you’re traveling in a backpacker-friendly city.

It’s a much nicer backpack than the one it replaced, but it still has one zipper.

This means you still have to carry your entire pack, including your sleeping bag and a large laptop bag, inside the bag.

That means the Calvin Klein Backpack won’t fit people who like to keep their bags smaller and lighter.

It might not look like much, but the Calvin backpacks are available for preorder now on for $199, which is $80 less than the original backpack.

This is the same price as the Calvin backpack that you can purchase from Nordstrom or Best Buy, but at this price, the backpack is only available in the US.

While the backpack looks sleek and stylish, we’re not sure it’ll be as good as the one you can find in Nordstrom, or Best Buys.

The backpack does have some great features, such as a full mesh pocket and an integrated laptop pocket that you’ll want to keep your laptop or tablet in.

But, the bag is just $200.

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