I’m no longer wearing a backpack.

I’ve made my mark.

I draw women’s bags and men’s bags.

And I love it.

I draw all sorts of things.

I love women’s dresses, I love men’s suits, I have a little bit of a fashion sense and I love making the clothes I draw.

But I also love women who have bags and I’m just like, I am not wearing bags.

Gucci, if you will, has been kind of my muse since I was a kid, and I wanted to draw it and put it on, and then it’s like, oh, I’m gonna draw women.

It’s a different world.

It was not a lot of money for me to draw the women’s bag.

I started doing it because I love to draw things, so I love the idea of the women carrying bags and just the idea that they carry things.

But it was not like, ‘Oh, I’ll draw the bag.’

I wanted more than that.

It wasn’t a lot to start with.

My first drawing was a woman with a purse, and the bag she was carrying was the same thing.

It had the same color.

It looked the same.

It just had the shape.

So I wanted her bag to have the shape and the color and the weight and the texture of her bag, and that’s when I started.

After that, I started drawing all sorts, and it’s been amazing.

It really is a wonderful thing.

You can go on Instagram and look at all the things I’ve done.

I don’t draw pictures of myself because I just don’t feel like it would be very flattering, but I just do stuff, and now, as I draw, I’ve been like, this is what I like.

It’s a very unique feeling, because it’s all in my head.

I can’t see myself, but it’s a great feeling.

Guccis, if I had a million of them, I would just go and buy all of them.

It would be just a really great collection.

They’re so beautiful.

Yes, they’re really, really beautiful.

But they’re not for sale.

I really love them.

There’s no one to buy them.

You don’t see Gucci bags on the street, they don’t exist.

When I started, they were kind of a niche product.

And then when I saw women, I saw that women loved it.

But then they also said, well, it’s too big, it doesn’t fit, and women don’t want to wear them, so why are you making them?

When women first started wearing Gucci, they wanted to wear bags, so then it got bigger, and they were like, well if it’s going to be a bag, it should be the right size.

They said, ‘Yeah, but how big should it be?’

I said, no, it shouldn’t be too big.

They were like: ‘No, you’re making it too big.’

And I was like, you know, I don-I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was too big and that would just be boring.

So, I said I will make it bigger.

I was trying to say the wrong thing.

You know, you can wear a women’s suit and still look like a bag.

So the women were like no, that’s what I said.

I said that I can make a bag that’s too small, and if you want to fit into a suit, you should just go for a suit.

So it was kind of like a debate that I had with myself.

But then, the women got to know me, and started asking me, I think it’s because I was so passionate about it.

And they started asking about me, so it started to take on a life of its own.

Now, they’ve said, this bag is too big?

Well, then why not make a little bag?

So I said: ‘Why don’t you make a bigger bag?

Because I think you can fit a little thing into a bigger thing.’

So I did.

So they were really happy.

And the women are very happy.

They’ve said it looks beautiful.

They think it looks nice.

If I was to go to the mall, I’d buy a Gucci bag.

I would buy a bag for all the women who want to do it.

It has that perfect bag design.

So that’s really what it’s about.

This is what Gucci is about.

It says, I just want you to look great.

And when I look good, I want you all to look good.

Do you have a question you’d like to ask me?

I’ll be happy to do that.

Email me at greg

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