U.K. women are poised to take on Colombia in a first-round playoff in the Group B quarterfinals.

The U.B.C. women will face Colombia’s Colombia Women in Group A on Monday night in Bogota.

The teams are scheduled to play two games on Friday.

Colombia’s women’s team is 0-2-2 in Group C, including losses to the United States and Russia.

The U.G.C.-ranked Colombia Women is 2-0-0 overall in Group D.U.K.-based WUSA-FM reported on Friday that the teams are set to face each other for the first time since the U.N. World Cup last summer.

Colombia, which has yet to qualify for the 2019 World Cup, beat Russia 2-1 in Group F. Colombia has qualified for the last two World Cups, including last summer’s tournament.

The women’s national team won its first ever title in 2018.

Colombia defeated the U-18s of the U17s in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

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