A new backpack is on the way for Vera Bradley.

According to the designer, the pack is designed to provide the ideal combination of durability, versatility, and practicality.

The dakis backpack is a “very minimalistic” design, with a removable shoulder strap, a pocket, a mesh-lined bottom, and an adjustable waist.

The backpack features a unique design that allows for the use of different sized straps.

The straps are designed to be adjustable, allowing the wearer to fit different sizes of backpack to their body.

Bradleys backpack features two main storage compartments, one with a mesh back and one with fabric.

The back of the backpack features mesh pockets for easy access, and the front has mesh side pockets for storage.

The front of the pack features an adjustable hip strap that can be adjusted for the shape of your back.

The bag has a top handle that can either be used to attach a harness, a small pouch, or a small backpack.

The bottom of the bag has two zippered compartments with two internal pockets, one for food and one for personal items.

The inside of the back pocket has a mesh mesh pouch that can hold your phone or camera.

The top of the chest pocket has mesh mesh pockets that can accommodate your phone and camera.

Brads backpack is available for preorder on her website.

The dakins backpack is priced at $1,999.99.

It features a zippable, mesh back, removable shoulder straps, a removable front strap, mesh mesh pocket, and adjustable hip straps.

Brats backpack has two internal compartments for storage and a large mesh pocket that holds a phone, camera, or other small item.

The interior of the bottom of Brads chest pocket is mesh mesh and mesh mesh is attached to the back.

Bradiens backpack will be available for sale on February 24.

The price of the dakini backpack is $1.49 per pack.

The Dakines bag is also available for purchase at the same time.

Bradleys online store also has the daks backpack, but it has not been tested yet.

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