By now, you’ve probably heard the news that the Secret’s new Secret Victoria secret backpack has some new details about its packaging.

First, it’s more than double the size of its predecessor.

Second, it comes in two different sizes: the regular size and the XL.

Third, the Secret says it’s also adding a $1,000 discount to all Secret items.

And it’s not just the new Secret backpack that has some nice details.

The Secret also says it will be adding “exclusive” items to the original Secret backpack.

You can read all the details below. 

The Secret Victoria, Secret’s next-gen flagship, will be available in August.

You’ll be able to buy it from September 29 for $599.99.

It’s also available from select online retailers, including New York’s Forever 21 and L’Occitane, as well as Best Buy, Amazon, Best Buy’s own website, and Walmart.

The Secret says that it will include a range of new materials to improve durability and waterproofing, including new materials for the lining, straps, and interior.

The new materials will also include new materials that are stronger, better breathable, and stronger than the original material used for the original backpack.

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