There’s a new trend for people who want to carry their pet in a backpack but can’t find the right size.

Some backpackers are looking to pack up their pets’ poop bags in order to save space.

But other pet owners are looking for a simpler, more practical solution.

In an attempt to simplify the process, a group of pet owners from a New York City animal shelter are using the new trend to create a new pet backpack.

They’re calling it the Pet Bag, and they’re asking people to submit photos and videos to their website.

We’re not a pet store, we’re a pet shelter, and we have our own pet store.

We want to create something that makes people think about how we treat our animals and our homes and their pets.

The group is offering free online consultations to pet owners with questions and ideas on how to improve their pets care and care for their community.

They’re also offering free consultation for pet owners who would like to make an online video that describes the process and the process of finding a pet pack.

For the most part, the group is making it simple for pet parents to make a pet kit for their pets, said Jessica McDaniel, co-founder of the nonprofit Pet Bag Project.

We have a really simple process.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.

We just want people to understand that if they want to, they can.

They just need to understand how to get started.

The Pet Bag is a product of the Pet Shelter in Brooklyn.

The shelter opened in December and has a staff of about 75 people.

They work on the weekends and are not paid by the shelter, according to the organization’s website.

The Shelter opened to the public in 2017, but McDaniel said they were overwhelmed with the demand for the Pet Kit.

She said there was not enough space in their facility to accommodate all the pet kits.

McDaniel said the shelter had to move the entire staff to Brooklyn and then found an old shelter to relocate the pet kit storage, but they were unable to get the space to fit all the kits.

She said they eventually moved all the supplies to another shelter, but she was not able to provide the shelter with space.

McDonald said the Shelter moved the pet pack storage to the Brooklyn Animal Shelter in 2018, but the shelter didn’t have enough space to accommodate the whole pack.

They also have a waiting list for pet packs and the shelter does not accept new registrations, so if you’re looking to add your pet to the Pet Pack, you need to register for it.

The pet bag can hold up to eight people, depending on how many pet kits you have.

It’s not a big enough bag to fit the whole kit, but it’s large enough to hold all the items needed to make your own kit.

You can also use the Pet Bundle to make pet food.

You can buy pet food at pet stores and also at a local pet supply store.

The Pet Bag has a little plastic pouch that fits in it, and it’s available in different colors, McDaniel added.

A lot of people don’t know that there are animal welfare issues surrounding pet waste.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly 20 million animals are killed each year in the U.S. for food, water, and shelter.

McMichael said the Pet bag is not a substitute for a pet food bank.

She also said pet food donations are not the best way to help a homeless person, since the shelters food bank also serves as a shelter.

The organization is also working to educate pet owners on the issues surrounding animal abuse.

The group is working to have an interactive website on the Petbag website where pet owners can share their stories and ideas.

McDaniels said the website is a work in progress.

They plan to open it to the general public this summer.

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