A $1.5 million hunting backpack sold on eBay for $5,400,000 in March, and its seller has sold more than 20,000 hunting and fishing packs since it went on sale.

The backpack is the second sale on the site for Burton’s signature style, the Burke.

The first was a hunting backpack that sold for $4.5m in 2014.

The new sale is for a pair of hunting and hunting-related hiking packs, which were made from two different versions of the same model.

The Burke was made for hunting.

The two packs were made for fishing.

“This is the best hunting backpack ever made and I’m going to make more,” Burton co-founder Scott Burton told the CBC’s The Early Edition.

“I just want to make it bigger.”

The Burke packs are a “must-have” for anyone looking to go fishing in the outdoors, he added.

Burton, who was in Calgary last month to help a hunting group with its hunting permits, has sold nearly 200 hunting and outdoor gear items, including a hunting rifle, to date.

The hunting pack is the only one of its kind.

It’s also the only hunting and camping backpack made of the brand’s signature material, the black walnut leather.

The backpacks come in three colours: black, blue, and brown.

Each is designed to last 10 years, and the company says they are designed to be used in two ways: for hiking and fishing.

One model is for hiking, while the other two are for fishing, according to the website.

The packs are made of wood, but Burton says it is “safe to say” that most hunting and fisherman’s gear is made of leather, because of the environmental impact.

“It’s going to last a long time,” he said.

“When it’s done, it’s going back to the forest.”

The price on the Burke packs is not known.

The company does not sell any other hunting and hiking packs on its website, so it is unknown how much it is worth.

“We’re really excited about the Burke,” said Doug Bevan, a Burke product designer.

“A couple of years ago, we had an idea for a new kind of backpack.

It was just a really cool idea.”

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