Gucci has unveiled a new backpack, named the Gucci backpack, for its London headquarters.

The bag is set to hit stores in September.

It will include a full-length zipper on the back and a zipper that folds down, similar to the Guilloche, a brand Guilloché bag introduced in 2011.

A new button on the front opens the bag.

The Gucci brand was founded in 1969.

The backpack will be priced at $2,999, and the price will be announced in a Gucci fashion blog post later this week.

The new backpack is the latest addition to Gucci bags.

Previous Gucci packs include the Côte d’Azur, a full leather and nylon bag, and a hybrid between a leather and a nylon bag.

Earlier this year, Gucci unveiled a backpack with a full zipper.

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