The Swiss army backpack blowers used to have the look of a kid’s toy, but it turns out that the Swiss Army is now producing a child’s toy that looks like it was made by a child.

The blowers, designed to help the army keep soldiers awake, have been sold to a small group of customers in the UK and Australia, according to Google News.

The blower was developed to help soldiers stay awake and the UK Army’s new design features an adjustable headrest, two removable handles and a removable plastic frame.

The military says it has found the blowers to be extremely useful in protecting soldiers from the elements.

“The blowers are designed to keep soldiers from becoming fatigued and to protect their body from wear and tear,” said the UK Defence Ministry.

“The blower has been designed to be easily operated and has a soft feel.

The removable handle and frame is removable for use by soldiers who wish to remove them for cleaning.”

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