By the end of the year, Disney will have the biggest backpacks in the world.

The company announced the launch of its first “Disney backpacks” on Wednesday, November 16.

The Disney Backpacks, launched in November 2016, are designed for the young and the young at heart.

The Disney Backpack is designed for anyone 18 years of age and older, with an overall length of up to 15 inches and a height of up 30 inches.

It includes everything needed to be prepared for a vacation in Walt Disney World.

In addition to carrying Disney themed accessories, Disney Backpacks can carry Disney-themed items like Mickey and Minnie Mouse t-shirts and plush dolls.

The backpacks also include Disney-branded bags, travel accessories, and Disney-related stickers.

These Disney Back Packs come with an all-inclusive package that includes a Disney Disney-inspired backpack, the Disney BackPack, Disney-approved Disney backpacks and Disney branded apparel.

These Disney Back Pack packages include an item of your choice that will be shipped with your Disney Backpacking package.

Disney Backpacks are the first Disney-exclusive backpack.

The new Disney Back pack, the Black Disney Back Package, is also the first in a line of Disney-specific Disney back packs.

The Black Disney backpack, available starting November 19, features the same Disney-designed bags and accessories as the Disney backpack.

The Black Disney back pack is the latest addition to Disney’s line of themed Disney backpack products.

Last year, the company launched its first Disney Back packs that included Disney themed bags and Disney themed apparel.

Disney has also created new backpacks for adults and children, called Disney Back Packs.

These Back Packs will be available beginning November 19.

Disney will also be adding Disney Back packages to its stores in 2017.

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