Thule is looking to get back into the backpack spray market, with a new backpack spray and spray pad.

The new backpack and sprayer will be a dual pack, but it will also work with the Thule Bag & Spray.

The new backpack, which looks to be made from the same material as the Thulule bag, will come in three colors, green, blue and red.

It comes with a handle and spray nozzle, as well as a large spray tip.

The Thule spray pad is made of a durable material, which will protect against water, dust, dirt and other environmental hazards.

The pad comes in a small size and will work on a variety of surfaces.

The company says that the new backpack will work with any Thule bag and spray, so it can be used with the same Thule bags and spray.

You’ll need to add the Thules spray pad into the Thumb and Shaft section of the backpack to work.

It will be $49.99, and you’ll need two Thule pads to get it.

The backpack and pad will come with the ability to spray, but they won’t be available for sale until later this year.

We’re hoping to get our hands on a pair of the Thulhu backpack spray pad by the end of the year.

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