With a $3,000 budget, the designers of the designer mini backpacks at a Halifax arts festival had a lot to do with the design of their own products.

The backpacks were designed by the Halifax-based artist, Matt Zander, to be a fun, playful and practical addition to everyday life.

They come in two sizes: a standard, five-pocket size, and a mini backpack which comes in three different colours, including a red one with a silver logo.

But the bags are more than just bags.

The design team also wanted to show off their creativity.

And they did so by designing and building an interactive environment.

Zander’s goal was to create a visual representation of the city that can be shared with friends and family, but also be shared on social media.

The goal was also to make the products more accessible to the urban urbanite, with an emphasis on the city.

Matt Zanders goal with the designer backpacks is to make them accessible to everyone, including the urban.

With a budget of just $3K and the help of local artists, the designer was able to get their creative juices flowing.

“We had to do something really cool,” Zander said.

“It was something we really wanted to do, but we didn’t know how.”

Matt Zanters vision for the designer bags, which feature a digital city in the background, and the creative process.

Zanders and his team created the idea with the help and support of his brother, the award-winning designer Jens Zander.

The brothers wanted to create something that people could be proud of.

“The idea is that it has a real value,” Jens said.

So they decided to focus on the idea of creating a digital world.

“For us, it was really important to have a digital version of our hometown, so we wanted to use a lot of technology and our imagination to bring that experience,” he said.

Zanders and his creative team created a series of interactive, 3D objects to show the city of Halifax in a unique and beautiful way.

“One of the first things we did was put our hands on the world of Halifax and then build a 3D model of that world,” Zanders said.

The models were designed to make people feel that they were in a virtual environment, and to give them an opportunity to look around.

“I wanted to make it really easy to interact with it,” Zander said.

After all, people do have phones and laptops.

“People do have these digital devices, so it’s easy to be online,” Zands said.

With this, the creative team wanted to give people the opportunity to connect with their city, and that’s where the city comes in.

Zands first idea for the designers was to give the bags a digital representation of Halifax.

The idea was to use Google Maps to show people where the location of the backpack is, but they wanted to add an element of the real world, too.

“You would have to look at your phone to find it,” said Jens.

The designers wanted to include as many of the things that people can’t find in their hometown as they can, like the old subway stations, the old hotels, the historic houses, the parks and even the streets themselves.

The designer backpack is available in two different colours: a red and a silver one.

The backpack is also available in a 3-D version, which is a digital, interactive version of the actual bag.

It can be worn as a backpack or as a small backpack, and it is designed to fit in hand.

And it can be used as a tablet for reading, watching movies and more.

“As the backpack gets bigger and bigger, the value goes up,” Zanded said.

Matt says that it was important to create an interactive experience with the bag.

“That was the main goal of this whole process.

The first time you see it, it’s like wow, I am a real person.”

A few months ago, the city started receiving a flood of phone calls from people who wanted to see the backpack.

“A lot of the people that wanted to have the backpack wanted to take it with them,” Zande said.

And he said that people are happy with the backpack as a way to bring people together.

“When I see a lot more people walking around, it makes me want to go and meet more people,” Zandy said.

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