By Hrishikesh Thakkar | 01.10.18 04:00 ISTThe power of the modern backpack is the main reason behind the proliferation of urban farming in India.

While some countries like Pakistan have adopted the backpack blower, India has stuck with its own model.

In its latest edition of the urban farming magazine, Urban Farming, India’s Urban Agriculture Research Organisation (RAO) says that the backpack-blower has played a huge role in the growth of urban agriculture.

“In the last decade, the power of urban gardening has increased from 3% to 25% in India and the number of urban farms has grown to over 2,500,” it said.

The article is published on the website of the RRO, a national body for urban agriculture research.

Urban agriculture is considered to be a sustainable, sustainable and environmentally friendly farming method.

It is a way of increasing food security and providing for local communities.

It also helps to reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of life of the rural residents.

Urban farming has become the backbone of urban India.

It offers farmers a wide variety of options to grow food, including seedlings, tubers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts, the report said.

It said the backpack is a key factor in rural India’s growing urban population.

“Urban farming is not limited to small and medium-sized farmers, but has become a viable option for many small and mid-sized producers in rural areas,” the report added.

As the number and density of urban farmers has grown, the backpack has also become a major source of inspiration for the urban farmers.

“Urban farming in urban areas is a highly dynamic, dynamic and dynamic process that involves many different elements,” the RIO report said, adding that it is also a way to get a better understanding of the land and the climate.

The urban farming community has been around for more than three decades.

In 2001, the first urban farming programme was launched in Kolkata.

In 2011, it was launched at a workshop in New Delhi.

In 2013, the National Urban Farming (Nufa) Mission was launched with a focus on developing rural rural agriculture.

In 2014, the rural community held a workshop at the government headquarters to promote urban farming.

In 2015, the city-based Urban Farming Research Association was set up in Delhi.

The association has now grown to around 200 members.

Urban farms are being used by nearly 300 million farmers in the country, according to the RMO.

The number of farmers in urban farming has more than doubled in the last five years, the RMA said.

The RMO also said that the rural farmers are often neglected by the government, especially those in the urban areas.

It cited a case of a farmer in the city of Kolkatta who had not received any help from the government and was facing drought in the region.

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