The backpacks of Star Wars are no joke, as the girls’ backpacks are often packed with cute little accessories like cute little Star Wars figures and accessories, a backpack strap, a strap for her backpack, and even some Star Wars outfits.

Here are the best backpacks for women and girls in the Star Wars galaxy.


Star Wars Backpack Straps and Sleeves: Black or brown straps?

The best way to style a girl’s backpack is by using the straps or the sleeve to accentuate her shape and style.

These straps and sleeves are great for making a statement.

They also add a lot of fun to the look of a backpack.

These are the Star War backpack straps: 2.

Star War Backpack Sleevers: Blue or pink straps?

A little pink or blue will be more appropriate than a more solid blue for girls.

You can find these accessories in the backpacks or accessory shops.

The Star Wars backpacks include the following Star Wars accessories: 3.

Star Battle Battle Tank: Black, white or yellow.

These accessories are the most common.


Star Battleship: Black with red accents, yellow with orange accents, white with black accents, and red with white accents.


Star Cruiser: Black and white, yellow and red.


Star Destroyer: Black.

These backpacks come with different Star Wars weapons, ships, and spaceships.


The First Order Stormtrooper: Black for a girl, white for a boy, or red for a little boy.


The Resistance Stormtroopers: Black-and-white, yellow-and/or red for girls and boys.


Black Widow: Black to match the red stripes of the Stormtroops.


The Black Falcon: Black only for a few occasions, but when she’s there, it’s a pretty nice thing to do. 11.

The Falcon: The black is very subtle, but it really shows off the Falcon.


The Rebel Falcon: These two are the two most common, as you’ll notice.

They are also the two best for Star Wars characters.


Rogue One: Black Only, white only, or white and yellow.

The most common colors of Rogue One’s backpacks.


Star Tours: Black alone, white alone, or yellow and black.


The Imperial TIE Fighter: Black on the inside, white on the outside, or black and white.


TIE Fighters: Black in black and black, white in white, or gold in gold.


The Millennium Falcon: This is the most popular ship in the series, and is one of the most iconic ships.

Black and yellow are the only colors in the front and back of the Millennium Falcon.


The Death Star: The only blue and yellow ships in the movie.


The TIE Defender: The most popular TIE fighter in the film.

Black on blue and red on yellow.


The Empire Strikes Back: The Star Destroyer and Rebel Strike Fighter are the other most common ships in Star Wars movies.

Black is also the most commonly used color for this type of ship.


A New Hope: Black (and yellow) on blue, black and yellow on yellow, and yellow and white on white.


Death Star II: Black but red on black, red on blue.

23. Black except for the Rebel Strike Force’s Rebel Alliance and Rebel Alliance.


The X-Wing Miniatures Game: Black; white, and grey.

Black only, yellow only, and white are the colors of this ship.


TFA Black, red, and blue are the three most common red ships.


Rebel Alliance: Black because it’s the main ship.

Black in red and white and black in yellow.


Tie Fighters: White and yellow; black and red; black, and green.


Millennium Falcon-S: Black is used for this model, which is the second most popular in the films.


The YT-1300: Black plus red, white, blue and purple.


The Battle of Endor: The main ship in this scene.

Black, yellow, red and blue.


The Tie Fighter: This ship is the default in this movie.



The Rogue One Stormtroop: This one is the best, as it is the only one to be black.


The Trade Federation: Black minus red.


X-wing Miniatures: Black not used.


The Slave I: Black against red, yellow plus blue and blue plus black.


The Stormtropper: Black by default.

The two most popular blue ships in this series are the X-wings and the Millennium.

Black has the best color balance for these.


XWing Minis: Black black, blue

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