Dogs are getting more creative when it comes to getting out of hot climates.

Dakine, a Seattle-based backpack leash manufacturer, announced it is launching a new product to help with this challenge.

The company says it developed the Dakine Bontre, a backpack leash that can be used for dogs of all ages.

It’s a small, lightweight, waterproof and waterproof-resistant leash that attaches to a dog’s harness to keep it cool while they’re out and about.

The Dakine BagTrack backpack leash is a combination of a leash and harness.

You simply slip it on the dog and pull the leash around its neck.

It attaches to the harness in a loop, with the leash holding the dog’s head.

It also has a mesh pocket on the front for carrying the dog or a dog-friendly bag, the company said.

It comes in two sizes, a small and a large.

The small size has a two-inch wide loop, while the large one has a three-inch loop.

The bagtrack is available in different colors, with three being the most common.

The bagtrack uses a waterproof, mesh pocket, as opposed to a traditional leash.

It has a strap that stays on the back of the dog, making it a better option for keeping a dog warm when it’s not in a warm environment.

It comes in a variety of colors and is waterproof, too.

The product also comes in five sizes.

The medium, medium-large, small, small-large and large-sized options are available in four colors.

The larger version comes in black and white, while other colors are available.

The bags are made of a soft polyurethane material that dries out easily and can be easily stored.

The dog harness is removable, too, and the bagtrack can be worn by a dog of any age.

The only downside of the Dakines Bontrees is that they can’t be worn with regular harnesses.

But if you’re a dog owner who likes to keep things simple, it’s a great way to keep your dog warm in the heat of summer.

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