The NHL’s owners have decided to make more skateboarding available to players in their sport, after the league and the NHL Players’ Association reached a settlement on the matter last year.

The deal, which was approved last week, gives players a $2,500 credit on their season tickets and allows them to bring along their own boards and equipment.

In addition, the league is now allowing players to carry their own skateboards at all home games.

In other words, if a player wants to travel to their home city and skate with a friend or family member, he or she can.

The agreement was the latest in a series of concessions from the NHLPA, which has long demanded the NHL make its players more active on the ice.

Last year, the NHL finally made the game more accessible by offering players a 50 percent discount on ticket sales and by expanding the availability of skateboards.

Players who sign up for the $2.5 million program will get their gear for free.

The settlement has two big goals: to ensure players have a more active and fun season, and to make the NHL more accessible to players with disabilities.

The league has been criticized for its limited support for disabled players, and the settlement allows the NHL to make that more effective.

The players will be eligible for up to $500 each for transportation costs, and they will also receive an additional $2 million in support over five years for an initiative called The Next Step, which will help players with chronic medical conditions.

The NHL has been struggling with a host of issues since the lockout ended, and there are signs that it is beginning to come around to the idea that players should be allowed to use the equipment they earn and earn it without fear of being fined or penalized.

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