You might be thinking that it’s just a matter of finding a petting buddy.

However, when you’re talking to a dog, you might want to know which animal’s favorite petting companion is.

In a new book, Petting Buddies for Dogs, authors David P. Pfeiffer and Paul G. Lebowitz explain which petting buddies are important for your dog.

And while most of the recommendations are based on what you know about your dog, they do recommend the following types of petting companions: *Dog Collars: Collars for dogs are important because they make it easier to pet your dog in public.

But not all collars are created equal.

For example, some dogs love to have a collar on while others prefer the added touch of a collar.

*Dog Beds: Dogs like to lie in a dog bed, which means they need some type of padding.

You might find that a good dog bed is just right for your furry friend.

*Cats: Cats are generally friendly, but they’re not as good at being petting your dog as dogs are.

And if your dog is a good cat person, it might be better to have your dog sit on the other side of the bed.

*Petting Dogs: This type of pet sitting is important to many dogs.

Cats are known for being gentle and affectionate, and their natural love of people is contagious.

They’re not the best at being polite and quiet, but your dog will enjoy the attention and touch from your dog’s paws.

*Baby Bedding: While it may seem like you might be limited to a baby or toddler, a baby crib can be a great option if you’re planning on bringing a baby to play with.

And a good crib can offer more space for your puppy.

*Bedding Accessories: This category is where most of these recommendations fall apart.

For some dogs, you may want to buy a crib pad or a crate pad, while others will prefer the option of a toy.

*Trash Canes: Dogs love to sit in a trash can.

But for some dogs that’s not always the best idea.

You could consider a dog crate pad or trash can pad, but the best option for your pet is probably a crate and a litter box.

*Familiarity With Your Dog: This is where many of the advice for petting friends comes in.

You want to make sure your dog loves his or her new petting friend.

You’ll want to find a pet that is familiar with your dog and has a great sense of humor.

You may also want to ask your dog what his favorite pet is and what it’s like to be petted.

And lastly, you’ll want a pet you can easily pet your pup with.

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