Calvin Klein says it’s working with the US Olympic Committee to help runners gain the skills they need to prepare for the marathon.

The apparel maker launched the backpack in October and said it is now providing training tips, gear and apparel for runners who are in the middle of the marathon or who are planning to run the race.

The backpack is made by Adidas, and includes a 3-inch (8-centimeter) long running shoe that is “designed to support the legs in the right position to maintain good form,” according to the company.

The company also said the backpack is the first to offer the ability to run in shorts, and that it will offer a 3.0-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch version in the coming weeks.

“The backpack is designed to support your legs in your right position,” the company said in a statement.

“It is designed with the utmost care to allow for maximum performance.

We will be working closely with the Olympic Committee and the USOC to provide the best possible training support for our athletes.”

The backpack was launched as part of a campaign by the American Running Association (AAF), which is the US running federation.

The AAF said in October that it was providing “up to 10,000 hours of training, as well as other critical equipment and supplies, to the runners and their families.”

“We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for our competitors and our spectators,” the organization said.

The campaign was inspired by a similar initiative by the USATF, which offers training and equipment packages for athletes and their staff.

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