G.H. Hardy is a famous character from the popular children’s book “The Jungle Book.”

But that character has now become a popular fashion accessory.

G.H.-Hardy, who is the main character of the “Jungle Book” series, is a small boy who likes to wear clothes that he finds interesting.

He was known to wear a pair of fur-lined shorts and a blue striped T-shirt to school.

He is also known to carry a pair the blue T-shirts that were the standard uniform for children at the time.

Gregory Hardy was a good-natured, friendly kid who was always looking for the best way to make the best of his life.

And his best friend is a jungle creature named Mowgli, who was also known for his tendency to dress up in a different outfit each day.

Mowgle, who also happens to be a character from “The Lion King,” also became a fashion accessory because he always had a pair to wear in the morning.

And after the first few years of his career, Hardy was always wearing the same outfit every day.

He wore the same blue striped shirt, blue pants and a pair that were a pair.

Hardy also had a red scarf around his neck.

Hardy was one of the first kids to be cast as a character in the “The Little Mermaid” movies, and he is now known as “The Mermaid” and is also a popular figure.

He became an icon in the 1990s with the release of his “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” series.

He was known for being the “little prince” of the show and has been featured in a number of Disney films including “The Haunted Mansion,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Frozen,” “Moana,” “Maleficent” and many more.

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