My friend and I were both watching the Oscars in one of the most relaxing seats in the house and decided to make some of our own.

I had already done some sketching in the past and wanted to do something fun with my new iPhone 5s.

I thought about drawing some cool looking backpack drawings, but the idea of having to type in a ton of letters to draw them on your phone was daunting.

I ended up with a simple design on the back of my backpack, which I was able to use to draw a backpack, but it took a while to draw it on the phone.

It took a couple of weeks to draw the backpack drawing and I was finally able to take it out to the streets of LA.

We went to a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, and museums and I think the last part was the most nerve wracking part.

When I saw my backpack drawing being viewed by hundreds of people at a time, I was nervous and scared.

I tried to take pictures but was constantly looking for an angle to show the backpack.

After I got the hang of it, it took less than an hour to draw and I had my backpack back.

The best part is that it took me just minutes to draw, and I still got a lot done.

I’ll be sure to try this again soon!

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