Backpacking is all about getting to places that have nothing to offer you, and Disney’s latest mini-game has us all thinking about where we might want to go next.

The mini-games are fun, and they can be challenging at times, but the mini-dungeons in this new mini-series are also surprisingly easy, and we’d definitely recommend getting your first one. 

The Miniature Adventure series has a number of different mini-playgrounds, and each mini-experience starts with a different set of rules, challenges, and items.

The first mini-quest involves exploring a castle, and the next mini-episode will take you to a jungle, an underwater cave, a castle filled with monsters, and more. 

In this episode, we take a look at the first of those mini-episodes, The Miniature Jungle Adventure, and how to complete it. 

How to get your first Miniature adventure pack from Disney: Disney mini-tourDisney has announced a brand new mini game that will take players through each of the park’s mini-adventures, starting with The Miniaturized Adventures series.

The theme of the mini games are themed to each park, but you’ll also find a few other fun additions to the collection. 

Here’s a breakdown of the rules for each of these games: The Miniatures Adventure – The mini adventure takes place in a castle full of cute little mini-animals, and players will be battling a bunch of mini-villains in the hopes of getting their mini-sausage back! 

Miniature Adventure Pack – The Mini Adventures pack consists of the following mini-pack: Miniature Castle – A giant castle with the theme of “Crazy Castle”  Miniatures Adventure Cave – A mini-garden with the Theme of “The Castle” Miniature Village – A miniature village that will be populated by mini-caves, mini-huts, and mini-houses, each of which will contain a different mini game. 

Miniaturized Adventure Pack – The Mini Adventure pack consists the following Miniature Gardens – mini-mazes with mini-doors that will lead to a mini-building  Minature Village Cave – The mini-town that is set inside a miniature village The theme of this pack is themed to the theme park, and includes a mini game called The Magic Box The Magic Box features an action packed mini-battle, and a mini adventure called The Boxed Kingdom, where players must get their box back after they have defeated all of the enemies in the mini game, but first, they must complete the mini adventure to get their treasure back. 

There’s also a mini mini-map, where you can mark mini-blocks to make them easier to find, and even a mini map of the parks. 

What’s inside the MiniatureAdventure Pack: The Mini Adventures pack comes with a game, mini adventure, and treasure chest that will contain: Mini Adventure – A fun, quick, and easy mini-Adventure that starts with you exploring a little castle filled to the brim with cute little miniature animals. 

Adventure Cave – Adventure is a fun, slow-paced mini-appetizer where you will have to solve the puzzle to get back the treasure that was in the box. 

Village Cave – This mini-city has mini-shops, mini restaurants, and many other mini-stuffs. 

Mine Cave – Mine is a cool little mine that will require you to dig a hole to get to the treasure inside. 

Tower – A tower that will let you explore a giant mine that is full of gold coins and gems. 

Treasure Chest – This chest contains an assortment of mini items and treasures that will allow you to explore the mine, minecart, and minefield of the minecart. 

Who will be playing this mini-park adventure? 

We have already revealed our favorites for this mini adventure pack, but there are many more to choose from.

Here’s who will be in charge: Turtle Bob, who is a huge Disney fan and has been known to bring the theme parks back to life Disney Junior, the Disney Junior cast that includes a bunch on their shows Minnie Mouse, who has a bit of a Disney side, and has also appeared on the Disney XD show The Magic Mirror Snorkel, a little snowboarder that has been seen on The Lion King and Winnie the Pooh Ages 3-5, this mini park adventure will be fun for everyone, but especially the kids who enjoy watching the parks get bigger and bigger. 

Disney’s latest Adventure Packs for children are a great way to get some of their favorite shows for the summer.

These Disney mini games will make the best of your trip to Disney Springs, and your little ones will get to

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