Hiking boots, backpacks, and other essentials will soon be more affordable thanks to a $30,000 price cut for water bottles.

The Water Bottle Price Cut (WBD) program, announced Tuesday, was the first to cut the cost of bottled water, according to a statement from the Water Bottle Manufacturers Association.

“The WBD is an important step in achieving a water bottle industry that can compete with the competition,” WBD President Bill Nye said in the statement.

WBD members will now be able to purchase a maximum of two water bottles for $30 per month from distributors nationwide.

The $30 price cut is a one-time change, and the group is not renewing the program.

Earlier this year, the Association for Home Care and Support Industries (AHCSI) reduced the price of bottled and reusable water by up to 70 percent, according a report from the Associated Press.

It is not the first time the Water Bottles Association has cut the price on water, though.

Back in March, the group cut the prices of several different types of water products, including hot and cold, cold water, and bottled water.

According to the AHCSI report, water is a relatively inexpensive way to carry around a variety of products, which is important because of the increasing number of people in need of emergency supplies.

Hiking boots have also been on the chopping block.

During the summer, hiking boots are often considered “must-have” accessories.

They can save you a lot of money and are often a great accessory to bring along during long hikes.

But now that hiking boots have been reduced in price, many will be looking for alternatives.

There are several different options for hiking boots that can be found on the market.

They include:Waldorf, Hiking Boots, Hike Boots, Boot Hiking Boot, Outdoor Boots, and Outdoor Shoes.

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