Walmart has introduced a new card that it says will make grocery shopping even more convenient.

The Walmart Cash Card, which has been sold in a limited number of stores, offers customers the option of paying for a meal at a Walmart store using their Walmart credit card.

In the United States, it costs a $1.25 Walmart credit to buy groceries.

The card works by scanning your card to the Walmart checkout system.

When you place your order, your cashier scans the Walmart Cash and Walmart debit cards on the card to verify your identity and purchase your groceries.

Customers who choose to buy at Walmart stores can choose to receive the meal with cash or use the Walmart debit card.

Walmart says the Walmart Credit Card is the only way to pay for groceries without using a credit card in stores.

The company has been working on the Walmart cash card for months, and the new feature was announced earlier this year.

Walmart has been selling the Walmart card in a few countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

The new feature will be available starting in mid-January.

Walmart said the new card is a great way to take advantage of Walmart’s convenient locations.

“The Walmart Cash card works well for Walmart shoppers in most of the country and is an economical way to access Walmart’s full range of products,” said Brian McKeon, vice president of commerce at Walmart.

The first 50 Walmart stores will have the Walmart creditcard by the end of the year.

The Wal-Mart Cash Card is only available in select Walmart stores and can only be used at Walmart-owned stores.

Wal-Marts in Canada and New Zealand are also available with the new Walmart card.

The cost of using the Walmart Card to pay grocery bills is $1 per $100 in Walmart purchases.

The Card also has a two-year limit.

Walmart will offer the card at no cost to its customers.

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