I know what you’re thinking: Hello Kitty is an iconic animal icon, but she’s a lot more than just a cute doll.

Hello Kitty, the cat, has her own unique personality.

Here are six things you should know about Hello Kitty.


Hello Kittens are more than adorable, but they also have a history Hello Kitty was first introduced to the world in 1958 and quickly gained popularity.

It’s an easy-to-find and cute little toy that looks like a regular kitty but has its own personality.

Hello Kitties can be friendly, outgoing, and intelligent, and the more times you’ve gotten your paws on one, the more personality you’ll notice.

Hello kitties are sometimes referred to as “cute, cuddly, and playful” because they’re often playful with their owner and want to please their owner.


Hello kittens have personalities Hello kittens are very social cats.

Their owners can be a little jealous when they’re around other cats, but their personalities are usually more affectionate and calm.

They’ll make eye contact, snuggle, and sit in close proximity to you.


Hello cats don’t have any special markings Hello kitty markings are just regular kittys’ coats and hair.

But they’re not always visible.

Some cats are born with red hair or pink eye patches, and some are born without fur.

If you don’t know what they are, you can see them on the outside of the kitty, but you can’t see them underneath.


Hello cat owners are always on time Hello kettles are not only cute, but a little bit quirky, too.

Some of the cats are a little late for the housework, and others are a bit rude or pushy.

But if you’re the one making sure everyone is on time, then you’ll be rewarded.


Cats don’t really like being touched Hello kitten owners may not be aware of it, but some cats actually dislike being touched.

Cats like to scratch and nibble on objects.

They can be quite territorial and territorial cats, too, and you’ll often see cats scratch and poke at other cats.

The cats are not usually aggressive, though, so they won’t attack or bite people.


Cats love Hello Kitty Hello Kitty cats are always ready for you, no matter what Hello Kitty looks like.

You can always pick one up if you have a cat and she doesn’t have a Hello Kitty pack.

The cat doesn’t need to be fed, and if you feed her a treat, she’ll eat it right back up.

If she doesn’ want to eat it, just take it to the vet.

And if she doesn t want to be touched, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

If your cat doesn’ like you touching her, she’s not always right for you.

Just make sure she’s happy.

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