A mother-of-two was inspired to create a drawing of her baby’s backpacking meals from a diaper bag.

Emma Crouch, from New York, drew the original drawing and posted it to Instagram after seeing it on the internet.

“It was a little bit embarrassing, I didn’t think I’d actually done anything like that, but it really caught on,” she said.

“I think it’s really inspired me to draw the pictures in the backpacking style, so it’s not just me.”

Crouch said the original photograph was meant to represent the comfort of the sleeping bag.

“The drawing, and then the actual drawing, was inspired by my baby sleeping in a baby bag,” she told ABC.

The original drawing of the baby sleeping on a diaper was drawn by Emma Crouch. “

So, I took that and I added my little hand, and I was like, ‘Wow, there’s an entire diaper bag underneath that!'”

The original drawing of the baby sleeping on a diaper was drawn by Emma Crouch.

(Emma Larkins/Instagram)”It’s actually a lot easier to draw than actually packing something, so we just went for it.”

The drawing sparked a conversation on Instagram and Ms Crouch’s Facebook page about the process.

“We actually have a diaper and we’ve done a lot of diaper bags,” she shared.

“And my husband is like, that’s so awesome.

So we decided to start making some of our own, and that’s when it came out.”

He’s like, yeah, but that’s not a real diaper bag, that was a drawing I made on a real baby bag, and it was really adorable.

“Ms Crouch said her husband is now obsessed with making his own diaper bags.

She said her son has been making them as well, and her daughter is doing the same.

In a follow-up post, Ms Cunker said she wanted to highlight the importance of making your own products, adding that she is now working with a manufacturer to make them.

Ms Cunker is now hoping to start producing her own diaper bag designs, and she hopes that the public will buy into her ideas.”

That was really cool,” she joked.”

This is a little one-time thing, but we’re going to do it again, and make more diaper bags.

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