How to build a baby carrier with this new model

The Husqvarna Baby Carrier is the brand’s first new baby carrier in a while.The new backpack is available for $400 on Amazon.The baby carrier comes with a front-loading design that can hold up to six people, and has a design that’s reminiscent of the now-defunct, yeti backpack.The bag features a mesh-lined, breathable fabric, a back pocket for your keys, and […]

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‘Frozen’ water filter gets new life as adidas’ new backpack

NEW YORK (AP) — “Frozen” water filter has found new life in a new adidas adidas Adventure backpack, with an accompanying water filter.The adidas Arctic Water Filter, the first in the company’s “Adventure” line, has a unique water filter inside its pocket.The water filter is designed to help keep the outdoors cool and helps filter out harmful chemicals.The water filter […]

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What to expect from Adidas’s new ‘Survival’ backpack

By Tom HuddlestonThe adidas ‘Survivor’ backpack is the latest in a long line of minimalist bags that have been launched by the German-based company.Advertisers love its minimalist design and have been touting the backpack as an ‘ultimate travel backpack’ since its introduction last year.The new bag is set to launch in mid-2018, with a price tag of €7,000 (£5,800) and […]

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‘The Nikes School Backpack’: A Nikes’ backpack harness harness design

A new school backpack harness design is designed to help children recover from injuries suffered during a fall.The new design, developed by Nike, harnesses children’s backpacks so that they can recover from an impact, according to ABC News.The harness will be available in a number of colors, including black, green, red, blue, pink and white.It will come in a variety […]

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