A little backpack sprayer from the makers of the Little Backpacks

By now you’ve probably seen this cute little backpack, designed by two Swedish designers.It’s a clever little gadget that uses sprayers as little backpacks.But what’s the deal?It’s basically a sprayer that you spray yourself when you want to carry a backpack.And it’s a great way to get into the backpack scene.The design is pretty clever.The two designers, who are known […]

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Outdoor retailer rei backs backpack leash, backpack sprayers,backpacks

Rei Backpacks has announced it is launching a new line of outdoor accessories, backpacks and sprayers.The company, which makes outdoor accessories such as backpack leash and backpack sprayers has launched a new range of backpacks including a backpack leash leash and a backpack sprayer.The new range will be available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand from December.Rei Backpack Leash […]

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