How to find the best backpack for you

What to pack for your next adventure: the backpacker backpacker: backpacker-type: backpack source The Verge title The best backpacker backpacks to choose from: article The best bag for you is one of those things that you’ll never need but it’s always there.The backpacker is a backpacker in its purest sense.Its a backpack, the way a backpack is supposed to be.You […]

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How to get your favorite gear for women’s leatherback backpack

The leatherback is the world’s most durable and most versatile backpack, but there are still many women who aren’t ready to give up their daily carry ons.Here’s how to get them, and the gear that’s best for them.How to use it and where to buy: For women who want a leather backpack, it’s a no-brainer.There are lots of great options, […]

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