Backpacker: We’re going to see more than 5,000 new tents, tents, and backpacks this year

As summer draws to a close, more and more backpackers are turning to new options for camping, with some choosing to pack in the back of a van.While this is a natural thing to do, the cost is prohibitive.“We’re going a bit crazy,” says Josh, an American backpacker living in Mexico.“I’ll get into a van for about $30, and I’m […]

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The world’s most expensive backpacks

The world has just had the best backpacks of all time.We’ve got our hands on the new Nike Ultra Boost, a lightweight pack that costs $2,700 (£1,500) and packs in everything from a laptop and a smartphone to a hiking stick and a bag.How did it do it?Weighing in at just 4.3kg (8.2lb), it’s the most lightest backpack on the […]

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This camelbaks backpack vacuum cleaner is the best one you can buy

The best backpack vacuum cleaners are still a few years away from being available in the UK, but this one from Camelbaks is getting a lot of attention from backpackers who have been asking for it for a while.It’s a compact model with a nice look and a good build quality, with a sturdy rubberised lid that’s easy to clean, […]

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