Gucci mini bag for kids

Gucci is making a new backpack for kids.The $250 mini bag has a full-size tablet inside, and a built-in screen for reading and texting.Gucci also promises that kids will love it. The backpack is the brainchild of Gucci’s chief creative officer, Mattias Källe, and will be available for purchase on July 31. Gucci said the backpack was designed to give kids a […]

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Which travel backpacking tents are the best?

As of March 2018, the number of tents available on the market has surpassed 1,000.The category of tents are popular because of their ability to take a backpacking experience to the next level.Here are the top 10 tents on the scene.1.The Vera Bradley Tents The Vera Brand is known for producing the finest backpacking and outdoor gear.With over 3,000 reviews […]

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