How to Get a Tough Tackle Bag Backpack

Backpacks are a staple for anyone who wants to go through the hard times.They’re the most common item we carry around the house, and they’re also the most important piece of gear you’ll ever need.But if you’re a little more budget conscious, there are some really good backpackers out there who make their own.The best of the best backpacks are […]

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How to pack a backpack

What are the best backpacks for school? As I mentioned before, I’ve had to choose between two backpacks in the past two years. One was the JOE backpack. It’s pretty heavy, but I think it’s a great backpack for commuting to work or to the gym. The other was the Mens Leather backpack.It’s pretty light, but it does have a lot of features I didn’t […]

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How long does a basketball backpack weigh?

Longchamp has a pair of basketball backpads with a handlebar.They’re one of the things we’re seeing most in the sport of basketball.The backpacks of NBA players have become so iconic that it’s easy to forget they’re made of metal.But the NBA has a long history of manufacturing its own backpacks.And when they do get out of the NBA’s factory, they’re […]

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