How to get a mini leather backpack for $200 at Walmart|Amazon

Buyers have been scrambling for a new backpack for the holidays, but with a price tag that could set you back $200.The mini leatherbackpacks are designed for travelers who need to be flexible but still feel comfortable.Here are some tips on how to pick one up. 1.Choose a backpack with an adjustable shoulder strap The best backpacks have straps that […]

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This is the first backpack I’ve owned that actually works as advertised

This is an interesting and interesting thing to take a look at.The Rtic backpack is basically a backpack that lets you carry all your gear from a single bag.This is not a new idea, as you’ve seen in the original Rtic bag, but it’s still very different from most other backpack designs.The design is fairly simple, but the technology behind […]

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