Dakine backpack leash for dogs in hot climate

Dogs are getting more creative when it comes to getting out of hot climates.Dakine, a Seattle-based backpack leash manufacturer, announced it is launching a new product to help with this challenge.The company says it developed the Dakine Bontre, a backpack leash that can be used for dogs of all ages.It’s a small, lightweight, waterproof and waterproof-resistant leash that attaches to […]

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The best black backpack?

The best backpack?is now available for pre-order from Amazon.It’s a very different kind of backpack than the one we’ve all grown accustomed to. The backpack is not only waterproof, but it also comes with a solar charger for the phone.The solar charger comes in handy when you want to recharge your phone while hiking.If you don’t want to leave your phone […]

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The dakines backpack

A new backpack is on the way for Vera Bradley.According to the designer, the pack is designed to provide the ideal combination of durability, versatility, and practicality.The dakis backpack is a “very minimalistic” design, with a removable shoulder strap, a pocket, a mesh-lined bottom, and an adjustable waist.The backpack features a unique design that allows for the use of different […]

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