Outdoor retailer rei backs backpack leash, backpack sprayers,backpacks

Rei Backpacks has announced it is launching a new line of outdoor accessories, backpacks and sprayers.The company, which makes outdoor accessories such as backpack leash and backpack sprayers has launched a new range of backpacks including a backpack leash leash and a backpack sprayer.The new range will be available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand from December.Rei Backpack Leash […]

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Why do backpack blowers look like they’re from a different era?

New Scientist has been investigating the world of the backpack blender for the past three years. We’ve looked at its origins, its history and its latest innovations, and we’ve even explored the possibility of its future.Today we’re pleased to publish our first of two articles on the blower.First up, we’re delighted to reveal that this article was originally published in June […]

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