How to get a backpacking backpack cooler to work: ‘It will be a breeze’

When it comes to the design and construction of backpacks and other outdoor gear, there’s a great deal of guesswork.Here are a few tips for getting your new backpacking cooler to perform like a champ.1.Choose the right size and shape The first question to ask yourself when you’re choosing a backpack is, how big is it going to be?There are […]

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A little backpack sprayer from the makers of the Little Backpacks

By now you’ve probably seen this cute little backpack, designed by two Swedish designers.It’s a clever little gadget that uses sprayers as little backpacks.But what’s the deal?It’s basically a sprayer that you spray yourself when you want to carry a backpack.And it’s a great way to get into the backpack scene.The design is pretty clever.The two designers, who are known […]

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Mini-Backpacks: The Biggest Backpacks on the Market

With so many new and exciting backpacks hitting the market in the next year, it’s important to keep an eye on what your childs favorite backpacks look like.While the best mini-backpacks come with a variety of different features, the most popular ones are the ones that are meant to be used with a mouse.The mouse backpack is the ultimate backpack, […]

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Which child is the most likely to be carrying a backpack?

Here are some of the more popular backpacks that have emerged as a part of the growing popularity of children’s backpacks.  (Photo: AP) This little backpack is a great fit for a toddler or a baby.(Photo: KJZZ) It’s a great backpack for a girl with a little girl.(Image: KKZM) (Image: Getty Images) The backpack that keeps you warm.(Photos: AP Photo)This one is an […]

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What to bring to a tactical backpack adventure

When you’re in the field, you’re likely to need a little extra gear.It can make the difference between survival and survivalist, but it’s important to carry your survival gear in case you’re injured, or if your equipment is lost.There are two basic types of tactical backpack.The “real” tactical backpack is a bag designed for everyday use, but there are some […]

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