Which travel backpacker is best?

Travelers and backpackers alike will find plenty of options for travel this year, with more than $1 trillion in travel booked in the world in 2016.But while a backpacker can be a great option for those who just want to explore, others have the tools and expertise to tackle all types of travel.From budget travellers, to the more adventurous, the […]

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How to choose a backpack to travel with in a crossbody backpack

Travellers and backpackers often find it difficult to choose what to pack.They can be found everywhere, even in the smallest of countries.They include bags and backpacks, totes and mugs, wallets, a water bottle, and even a camera bag.However, when choosing a cross-body backpack, there are certain characteristics that make it the perfect choice for cross-country travel.Here are some tips to […]

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Airplane backpackers can finally buy airfare to travel back to the UK

Travellers flying back to Britain may soon be able to buy airfares to travel to Heathrow.Airfares for returning travellers can now be booked via the UK’s website for a limited time, meaning that they can pay for their return flight to Heathrove, which has been used as a base since the 1970s.The site was launched on Monday, as the Government […]

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