How to get a mini leather backpack for $200 at Walmart|Amazon

Buyers have been scrambling for a new backpack for the holidays, but with a price tag that could set you back $200.The mini leatherbackpacks are designed for travelers who need to be flexible but still feel comfortable.Here are some tips on how to pick one up. 1.Choose a backpack with an adjustable shoulder strap The best backpacks have straps that […]

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A look at the best backpack for hiking and backpacking in 2018

In 2018, we picked out the best backpacks for hikers and backcountry adventurers.It’s time to pick out the next best backpack, and this year, we’ve chosen the Prada ZR-1 Backpack, the first Prada backpack to be reviewed.This Prada Backpack has everything you need to go on an adventure and enjoy your backcountry trips.With a fully-featured sleeping pad, comfortable and light […]

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Why the Prada Backpacker Magazine is the Best Magazine

It has to be one of the best magazines of all time.The cover is a photo of the man in the top photo, and he’s wearing a red, white and blue Prada backpack.It’s the perfect photo.We love it.In fact, we’re going to do a new feature every week where we will give the most recent cover and cover image from […]

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