How to cool your backpack

Cooling your backpack is a big priority.The new Xiaomi backpack will bring a new dimension to the process.According to a report by the Indian website The Hindu, the new backpack will be released sometime in June this year.Xiaomi is planning to launch the new Mi 8 and Mi 8 Plus in India.The backpack will feature a larger footprint than the […]

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When To Use A Computer Backpack – How To Choose One To Carry On Your Head

Computer backpack is a popular choice for travelers when you’re travelling in a backpack that has a lot of storage capacity and doesn’t need to be kept up to date with your travel plans.Computer backpack has a large capacity, but it can be a bit heavy and bulky when compared to a backpack with a few additional compartments.So, how to […]

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This is the first backpack I’ve owned that actually works as advertised

This is an interesting and interesting thing to take a look at.The Rtic backpack is basically a backpack that lets you carry all your gear from a single bag.This is not a new idea, as you’ve seen in the original Rtic bag, but it’s still very different from most other backpack designs.The design is fairly simple, but the technology behind […]

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