Google Home: New Android Wear Edition is $199, $279 cheaper than original

Google Home is the latest smartwatch to be updated with Android Wear 2.0, but its price tag doesn’t look like it’s going to be cheap.The new Google Home model starts at $199 and goes up to $279 for the version with the smartwatch.Google is promising a $100 credit for each purchase, though you’ll have to pay extra for the watch’s […]

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What you need to know about hiking gear

Bicycles, backpacks, backpacking trips and more, all with a splash of water, for a price.We know, it’s the same stuff that’s been the subject of some very heated discussion for years.But what about a different type of water bottle?That’s the big question, according to the makers of the Water Bottle Revolution, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to get its […]

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