Which backpack is best for a camping trip?

The next big question in outdoor gear is: Which backpack should I buy for my camping trip to a new place?The answer is often complicated and the answer can vary depending on what you want and how much space you have available to work.While it’s easy to choose between two or three options, you may have to do a bit […]

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What to expect from Adidas’s new ‘Survival’ backpack

By Tom HuddlestonThe adidas ‘Survivor’ backpack is the latest in a long line of minimalist bags that have been launched by the German-based company.Advertisers love its minimalist design and have been touting the backpack as an ‘ultimate travel backpack’ since its introduction last year.The new bag is set to launch in mid-2018, with a price tag of €7,000 (£5,800) and […]

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A cool, stylish and affordable backpacking backpack

If you want a stylish and cheap backpacking pack that’s comfortable and functional, the Survival backpack is the way to go.If you’re looking for something that’s practical and light, the Trekker backpack is a great choice.The Survival backpack uses a mesh-backed construction, which is very durable, but is quite heavy.The design is also very well-made and the backpack has a […]

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