When a backpack is your backpack, why are there so many?

In 2009, as the financial crisis unfolded, it was common for people to travel around the world in their own cars, as they were cheaper than renting out the vehicle, which in turn was cheaper than taking the car and transporting it back home.At the same time, many people were also starting to realise that a backpack was not a […]

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Why the Prada Backpacker Magazine is the Best Magazine

It has to be one of the best magazines of all time.The cover is a photo of the man in the top photo, and he’s wearing a red, white and blue Prada backpack.It’s the perfect photo.We love it.In fact, we’re going to do a new feature every week where we will give the most recent cover and cover image from […]

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This is the first backpack I’ve owned that actually works as advertised

This is an interesting and interesting thing to take a look at.The Rtic backpack is basically a backpack that lets you carry all your gear from a single bag.This is not a new idea, as you’ve seen in the original Rtic bag, but it’s still very different from most other backpack designs.The design is fairly simple, but the technology behind […]

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